Feb 26 21

Joined by Wampus Cat and Haze. We touch on the recent freezing cold; Civilization 6: Gathering Storm; me and Somesense getting out and around for the ...View Details

Feb 12 21

The show will now be fortnightly on Fridays 10PM-midnight, with maybe some shows in between. We talk about the Super Bowl and how well Pat Mahomes pla...View Details

January 31 show

I come back as my heart healed from my platform screwing me again. I talk about all sorts of things: Q, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, masks, covid, whack...View Details

Birthday episode

I'm a grown man now, and it's a birthday full of miscues. The show gets derailed and descends into the common hysteria before Chill Will chills with m...View Details

January 10, 2021

First show back, now doing 1 show a week. I sing, I rant about the insurrection and the stupid state of things. I play a clip from @lesdogg and @Schwa...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Aug 30

I'm joined by Yuza Bigman and Dr. YOU and we talk about positivity, changing your mindset, coping with the modern world, the connection between body a...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Aug 23

A High Noon Hootenany at the Nonsense Password Lounge on Podbean. With Bubbles, Rick, Parmidaw,  Mini Milt, Homeboy88 (Kaliman), Trumpass,  STP, Donny...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Aug 16

New Generation Speaks join the cult. WIth Miltdog (from F*** Space), Rome, and Klare. And Vanilla Ice (not really). Lara finds herself in the Lounge, ...View Details

Weekly Show 20 AUG 9

Raw, unedited show. The 1st time I met Homeboy88, in honor of his birthday. With Demon, TimmyBoy (as Bernie Baby), Low Battery, MCL771, Alien, Miltdog...View Details

JEN SENKO interview

The Nonsense Password Lounge is thrilled to have its first guest, documentary filmmaker, author, voice actor Jen Senko.   Senko made The Brainwashing ...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Jul 26

Defund Popski's Essay: A disagreement. Posted by Popski's request. Featuring Popski, Taz (from TazHazWordz), Ace (from Unapologetically Unfiltered), B...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Jul 19

The initiation of Sam (with Alpha Mike and Miltdog (from F*** Space). The Obscure Curio calls in with new information about the Gateway Process (with ...View Details

Weekly Show 20 July 12

Posted by Hog Cult Demand. A "debate" with another podbean host whose show used to be relevant (at 29:20) comes at me and the cult in a hail mary atte...View Details

Ashton goes full Karen on Bubble pt 3. With Miltdog (from F*** Space), Cha Cha, Bubbles, Ace (from Unapologetically Unfiltered), P0etic (from Whole-E ...View Details

Billy explains racial dynamics in Hawaii. This is Ashton goes full Karen on Bubbles pt 2. With New Generation Speaks and Somesense. Check out the Nons...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Jul 5

This episode contains graphic language. FOR THE RECORD: Ashton goes full Karen on Bubbles, part 1. With Cha Cha, Haze (from the Haze Experience), Daju...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Jun 28

My own Dad, the greatest guy I ever knew, disowned me for making a joke about Donald Trump. Including calls from 2Dumbasses, Kapz, Wampus Cat (Horror ...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Jun 21

This weekly show is interrupted by sad news about one of the most important members of the hog cult and one of the pioneers of Podbean Live: PodGod. A...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Jun 14

Weekly Highlights: Meeting She Says... from South Africa and Kunta from Ghana.    Check out the Nonsense Password Lounge, live nightly at 10PM central...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Jun 7

Nonsense Password Lounge highlight: A conversation with Klare from Ireland.   Check out the Nonsense Password Lounge, live nightly at 10PM central US ...View Details

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