My wife went on a walk and witnessed a drive-by shooting. I rant a little about the reaction of the Jeffrey Epstein "suicide." The NFL is upon us agai...View Details

I recap my take on the 2nd Democratic Debate, that one in Detroit on CNN. Tulsi Gabbard claimed another win on the debate stage, this one coming again...View Details

Living the fancy life this week.Saw 2 movies worth seeing while they were still in theaters. Finally got to see Midsommar. I found it mostly delightfu...View Details

This is the episode that got it all started, the test episode. Episode 0. REMIX.   It's titled, Keeping the Place from Burning Down, where I remember...View Details

52 episodes makes 1 year of n0N$3nse p@s5wOrD.   This show is a clip show more like the show I want to make every week if I had more time to do it. C...View Details

Unfortunately, I got distracted again by real world events and I had to abandon my idea for a silly show with silly sketches and instead I followed Tr...View Details

Things keep getting weirder and I keep qworking harder. I'm making progress on my next audiodrama release, The Deets, and have new designs in my Redbu...View Details

This entire episode is just my recollection of the 2 night extravaganza from Miami, the first debate for the Democratic Party primary. The world reall...View Details

The subtle art of mindforking white supremacists. AOC recently referred to those concentration camps for toddlers as concentration camps, and that's s...View Details

Father's Day with Boomer Dad. late MAGA trip. After years and years of smoking way too much weed, my wife finally saw Half Baked (1998) now on Hulu. I...View Details

YouTube has lost their damned minds, so I might delete my channel. I need to focus anyway. We should have learned something from the old free speech a...View Details

Neighbor watering the lawn, no matter what. Women have had the right to vote for 100 years, and everything is going so well. My Mom is terrible. She c...View Details

We're barely back after an unexpected 1 week hiatus. As I was sick I watched a bunch of movies and also discovered there are too many streaming servic...View Details

Harvey traps Silkworm into a picnic in order to witness to him. That is, to witness an overgrowth that isn't really a garden. This NONSENSE PASSWORD t...View Details

Special Character has a freakishly huge head. My cat keeps trying to break into my studio. He also met a vegan he actually respects, and is thinking a...View Details

It's my wife's birthday, and I'm terrible at everything about that. And I'm sorry. The other day she kicked me in the face when I woke up, but my bear...View Details

You don't have to listen to the show on Luminary, which hasn't had too smooth of a launch. There are other options. You can find the show on pretty mu...View Details

Vacation Part 2. After too long suffering in the suffocating darkness of social conservatism, Special Character is refreshed by a new people, a practi...View Details

Vacation Part 1. Special Character returns from the best week of his life a changed man. An enlightened man. Many strange firsts happened on this vac...View Details

Thanks for all the love! The podcast is pretty much everywhere now.  Special Character gives tips on mastering play-by-play skills and what achieving...View Details

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