Vacation Part 1. Special Character returns from the best week of his life a changed man. An enlightened man. Many strange firsts happened on this vac...View Details

Thanks for all the love! The podcast is pretty much everywhere now.  Special Character gives tips on mastering play-by-play skills and what achieving...View Details

Donald Trump is doing for skepticism in government what George W Bush did for atheism.   I laughed at a grown man for crying because he couldn't log...View Details

A lot of cinema love in this one. After longer than I can remember, I was finally excited about a new movie coming out, but I screwed up and ended up ...View Details

I've been slipping. My discipline has been slipping and now my momentum is off kilter. Getting back on track, though. Starlee Kine is a pretty great p...View Details

My wife 's grandparents are older than radio. I helped them with something on the computer then she kidnapped me and made me go to a sporting goods st...View Details

Transient neighbors probably dealing drugs. Neighborhood probably going downhill again. My cat has suddenly started drinking out of my water glass and...View Details

Hater-Aid 21 has been out for over a week and it seems to be successful, but who knows. Audiofiction, audiodrama, audiobooks, radioplay, radiodrama, w...View Details

Nonsense Password is blowing up. More Twitter followers, Facebook likes, subscribers, and Hater-Aid 21 dropped on Wednesday. Making fun of Kamala Harr...View Details

In the future, the fate of humanity is secured only by a treaty, the Treaty of Desperation, against a malicious alien - or perhaps, supernatural - cul...View Details

It's Valentine's Day, and while Special Character doesn't really remember any Valentine's Days, and he's terrible at Valentine's Day and Holidays in g...View Details

I bought an electric on demand water heater against a bunch of dumbass experts advice and it took me an hour to fix it after several years of perfect ...View Details

Suddenly being thrown into the comb economy after an adulthood of baldness, real world consequences of misapplication of Marie Kondo's ideas, capital ...View Details

Martin Luther King Jr, MAGA hat kid's strange face off with an elder, and our relationship with the present versus our duty to the past. Ben Shapiro p...View Details

Talking about being control of your own sanity and focus, how Marie Kondo may be our strange low-key gangster acting hero, a guy I know who's into Hit...View Details

It's my birthday. I didn't ask to live, yet still here I am. I guess I'll keep doing it. I talk about AOC, and fear not being funny anymore... and 600...View Details

Thanks for stopping by for this first episode of 2019.    ------- Thanks for stopping by on the way to wherever it is you're going. If really hope y...View Details

End of year music round up of the tracks I made in 2018. 35? 36? of the hundred or so are played in this episode to try and help me sort out just wher...View Details

In this episode I remember where I was and what I did on 9-11 - a thousand miles from New York City, yet still affected.      -----   Thanks for s...View Details

This is the story of my first ever clock-in, clock-out sort of job. It was working concessions at a movie theater in what was to me, the big city. Alt...View Details