Weekly Show 17 May 20

Nonsense Password Lounge Highlights: The teen prankster Jessie talks about adapting to the times of COVID. Amazing Boy from Ghana talks about being in...View Details

Weekly Show 20 May 10

Nonsense Password Lounge Highlights: The first time I met Zoey of African Youth Konnect Radio (who was also in the Church of Nonsense episode), Eli ta...View Details

The first episode of the Church of Nonsense, we honor the work of an Indian man, Hobo Chillin', who rescued chickens. We name his chickens after Miltd...View Details

Weekly Show 20 May 3

Den of the Unknown tells a story about working in a moviehouse. Eli from Iran and Miltdog from Sweden talk about movies, life, and relationships, and ...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Apr 26

Special is doing okay despite COVID-19 and hopes you are, too. Podbean live is good times and a lot of this weekly show is the first crack at Nonsense...View Details

Weekly Show 20 Apr 19

Special is excited about his new experience doing Nonsense Password Lounge, a live show on the podcasting app Podbean.   Thanks for listening to the N...View Details

Eradicator, ep 1. Joe leads an intergenerational walking tour of death. All production and performance by Special Character.

Weekly Show 20 Apr 12

Special is tired of explaining himself. He talks about quarantine life and a little bit about Tom Dempsey. Look for for the Nonsense Password Lounge c...View Details

Eradicator, ep 0. Jerry calls Joe for a late stop for Ron.  All production and performance by Special Character.  ***** Thanks for listening to the No...View Details

A man just wants one thing in life, so he works very hard for it. Finally, he thinks he has got it until he's informed that such a thing may not ever ...View Details

In this special episode, Special remember the time his home was invaded.   *****   Thanks for listening to the Nonsense Password podcast which is avai...View Details

On a very special Nonsense Password, Special remembers the time he held the Super Bowl trophy they won from Super Bowl IV in his itty bitty hands. It'...View Details

A group of just so happen-to-be heroes are left marooned and struggling. Left with no options they perform a desperate final act, which travels throug...View Details

JEFF ORGILL interview

I sit down with filmmaker Jeff Orgill to talk about his hidden gem, Boppin' At the Glue Factory, which is available on Amazon Prime. We also talk abou...View Details

A little boy who gets lost on a horse is later found on a sheep. This is a story about hope and fear. About love, and risk, and family. About growing ...View Details

CODY CLARKE interview

Nonsense Password is thrilled to have its first ever guest, interesting independent micro-budget filmmaker Cody Clarke. We talk about his films, Mute ...View Details

WARNING: Very naughty language and frightening or funny situations that are too relatable.   It's just a typical date night for Dan and Susan Deets un...View Details

This is the episode that got it all started, the test episode. Episode 0. REMIX.   It's titled, Keeping the Place from Burning Down, where I remember ...View Details

Harvey traps Silkworm into a picnic in order to witness to him. That is, to witness an overgrowth that isn't really a garden. This NONSENSE PASSWORD t...View Details

In the future, the fate of humanity is secured only by a treaty, the Treaty of Desperation, against a malicious alien - or perhaps, supernatural - cul...View Details

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